Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Hell week -- You had tons of stuff to do, places you need to be, and deadlines to meet; you just couldn't manage to get more than an hour of sleep. And as if things aren't bad enough, you look at the mirror and you look like you haven't slept for a week-which, of course, is true, but you wouldn't want that showing on your face, right? If you've been on an all-nighter and still want to look fresh and not tired, here are some ways to get rid of puffy eyes.

Green tea works wonders. We all know that green tea can do great things for your health. If you've been drinking green tea, don't throw out those tea bags just yet. Pop them in the freezer and use them to get rid of it. Tea contains caffeine and caffeine can constrict those blood vessels reducing eye swelling. Aside from caffeine, green tea contains substances that can help reduce irritation and redness. If you haven't been drinking green tea, maybe it's time you start.

Think cold, cold, and oh-cold. Coldness can be such comfort for puffy eyes. Store an eye compress, spoons, slices of cucumber or potato, and yes, tea bags of course-keep them handy for puffy-eye days. Coldness is an effective vasoconstrictor; thus, keeping eye swelling at bay.

Have egg yolks for breakfast. No, eating egg yolks won't get rid of those it but the egg whites will. Brush them under your eyes and they'll make under eye skin tighter, less saggy, and yes-less puffy.

Stay away from salt please. Please, please, please stop munching on those chips. And you can do away with those fries as well. They may taste good but you're trying to get rid of it, aren't you? Excess salt in your diet could lead to puffy eyes because salt encourages fluid accumulation; they are also caused by retention of fluid in under eye tissues.

Drink lots of water, instead. "Now, why would I do that? You just said water retention leads to puffy eyes, and now you're asking me to drink more water?" This is what you're thinking, right? Salt in excess encourages dehydration (tiredness + bad diet = dehydration). Dehydration leads to water accumulating in all the wrong places including your under eye area, it's the body's way of coping. So yes, drinking more than eight glasses of water a day will definitely help.

And of course, get enough sleep -- after the hell week, of course. No remedy will ever beat a good night's rest. So if you want to puff those eyes away -- do sleep.

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