Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Reglazing Varifocal Glasses

Reglaze varifocal glasses using an internet retailer and you will reap the benefits of having new lenses put into your own frame enabling you to save a huge amount of money that you would normally spend on your frame. Many online glasses retailers offer a reglazed service for wearers who either love their current frame or simply don't feel the need to change their frame after having spent a fair few pounds investing in a designer frame.

The problem that many glasses wearers face when opting to replace lenses in their current frame is that many of the major high street opticians will either charge a premium for this service or, in some cases, simply refuse to reglaze your current glasses frames. The problem for many varifocal wearers is that when it comes to updating your lenses you are faced with quite a hefty charge for the lenses on their own. You then need to add the price of the frame on top of this and many people these days simply cannot afford this. At least of you decide to regalze varifocal glasses using an online service, you will not only save money by using your own frame but you will more than likely pay far less for the varifocal lenses themselves.

When choosing to reglaze varifocal glasses using an online retailer you should first of all make sure that the frame you wish use is in reasonable condition. This is important as the frame will have to go through a series of processes which can cause stress on the front part where the lenses are fitted.

Also, if you have a plastic frame that is more than 3 years old then there is a high chance that the frame has become brittle with age and thus will be susceptible to breaking during the glazing process. Another thing to consider is that if you are choosing to reglazed varifocal glasses then the frame you send in must be a minimum depth of 28mm to comfortably accommodate the lens. Frames that are below 28mm in depth should only be fitted with certain designs so you should ask the retailer before you go ahead and make a purchase.

At the end of the day by choosing to reglaze varifocal glasses over the internet you should, in theory, save time by not having to make a trip to the opticians and also you should save a fair few pounds due to most internet retailers' low prices on prescription lens products. A final word of advice, make sure that the retailer you choose to go with has a contact telephone number in case you need some advice on choosing the correct varifocal lenses for your frame. You should also see if there are any reviews for the company you wish to use just to give you peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

Jim Romand is a specialist prescription lens consultant and dispensing optician who has worked in the industry for over 25 years. After qualifying as an SMC Tech at the london college of optometry in 1985, He has since worked as a Lab consultant for many high street opticians chains within the UK.

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